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ASA(FM&C)'s mission is to formulate, submit, and defend the Army budget to Congress and the American people; oversee the proper and effective use of appropriated resources to accomplish the Army's assigned missions; provide timely, accurate, and reliable financial information to enable leaders and managers to incorporate cost considerations into their decision-making; provide transparent reporting to Congress and the American people on the use of appropriated resources and the achievement of established Army-wide performance objectives; and manage and coordinate programs for the accession, training, and professional development of Army resource managers.

Internal Links
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  Army Funds Mgmt Data Ref Gd  
  DFAS Manual 7097.01  
  DFAS-IN Manual 37-100  
  DFAS-IN 37-1 Regulation  
  DFAS Policy Memoranda  
  Cost Mgt Knowledge Center  
  Inventory of Army Regulations  
  Proponency Training Schedule  
  C&E JIC & Reimbursable Rates  
  Budget Materials  

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  Army Knowledge Online  
  Civilian Personnel On Line  
  PPBE Portal  
  FMR 7000.14R  
  Professional Development  
     o Defense Acquisition University  
     o Army Management Staff College  
     o CHRTAS  

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  OASA (FM&C)  
  Army Budget (BU)  
  Cost & Economics (C&E)  
  Financial Information Mgmt (FIM)  
  Financial Operations (FO)  
  Proponency Office (PO)  

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