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Army Mass Transportation Benefit Program
Outside the National Capital Region
(For the Mass Transit Inside the NCR, please go to DoD NCR MTBP )

   Documents & LinksDate

Army Mass Transportation Benefit Program
 Army Mass Transportation Benefit Program page
 Information/Promotion Packet01/03/2012

Army Policy Guidance
 Army MTBP Policies, Procedures and Guidance06/28/2013
 Internal Revenue Bulletin 11-45, Increase Benefit for 2012; page 1801/03/2012
 Title 26, Internal Revenue Code Section 132(f)11/17/2009
 DoD Instruction 1000.2711/13/2008
 Protecting Your Army Mass Transporation Benefit Program (MTBP)06/29/2007
 Guidance on Labor Relations Responsibility06/05/2007
 Executive Order 1315005/11/2007
 OMB Circular No A-11 Sec 83 Object Classification 12-13 Personnel Benefits05/11/2007


Army Participant
 MTBP Application03/10/2016
 SF 1164 Form06/29/2007

Army Point of Contact
 MTBP Application Submission Form10/05/2010
 POC Registration Information06/26/2008
 Subordinate Coordinator Fare Media Allotment Form   ... dtd July 201306/28/2013
 Van Pool Attendance Log Form   ... dtd July 201306/28/2013
 Van Pool Fare Media Receipt Form   ... dtd July 201306/28/2013

Department of Transportation
 Army Sign-In Sheet03/19/2007
 DoT Mailing Instruct03/19/2007
 Return Fare Media03/19/2007

Historical Documents (Archives)

Army Guidance
 Army Implement Memo07/01/2007
 Status of Implementation Outside the NCR07/01/2007
 Army POC Guidance07/01/2007
 Mar 0306/05/2007
 12 Oct 0106/05/2007

DoD Guidance
 DepSecDef Implement Memo07/01/2007
 Other DoD POCs07/01/2007

IRS Code Benefit Amounts
 IRS Rev Proc 2011-1204/11/2011
 IRS Rev Proc 2009-50; page 1401/04/2010
 2009 ARRA Stimulus Bill excerpt, Section 115103/05/2009
 2007-66 Increase Benefit for 2008, page 1212/27/2007
 IRS Code Rev Proc 2008-66 Increase Benefit for 2009; page 1206/06/2007
 2006-53 Increase Benefit for 200706/06/2007

Management Controls and Audit Guide
 Sample Guide12/28/2007
 Checklist Guide12/28/2007

How Do I ...
 Calculating Costs01/03/2012
 Completing the Application01/03/2012
 SF 116401/03/2012
 Start a Program01/03/2012

Frequently Asked Questions
 Frequently Asked Questions06/28/2013
POCs for this program may be contacted by email at Army MTBP email pic For those of you who have a web-based email account, please copy/paste usarmy.pentagon.hqda-asa-fm.list.mtbp-program-manager2@mail.mil in the TO: and Army MTBP POCs in the Subject: of your message.


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