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Budget Materials
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Budget Material for  Date

FY 2015

Base Budget
 FY15 Budget Overview Briefing03/04/2014
 FY15 President's Budget Highlights03/04/2014
 FY15 Army Budget Request07/14/2014

Military Personnel
 Military Personnel, Army (MPA)03/11/2014
 Reserve Personnel, Army (RPA)03/11/2014
 National Guard Personnel, Army (NGPA), Volume 103/11/2014

Operation and Maintenance
 Army (OMA) - Volume 1: Justification Book03/11/2014
 Army (OMA) - Volume 2: Justification Book03/11/2014
 Army Reserve (OMAR) Overview Exhibits03/11/2014
 Army National Guard (OMNG) Overview Exhibits03/11/2014
 Army National Guard (OMNG)03/11/2014
 Army Reserve (OMAR)03/11/2014

Army Procurement - Procurement Justification Book
 Aircraft (ACFT)03/11/2014
 Missile (MSLS)03/11/2014
 Weapons & Tracked Combat Vehicles (WTCV)03/11/2014
 Ammunition (AMMO)03/11/2014
 Other Procurement Army (OPA) 1 - Tactical & Support Vehicles03/11/2014
 Other Procurement Army (OPA) 2 - Communications &Electronics03/11/2014
 Other Procurement Army (OPA) 3 & 4 - Other Support Equipment & Spares03/11/2014
 Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization03/11/2014

Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDTE)
 Budget Activity 103/11/2014
 Budget Activity 203/11/2014
 Budget Activity 303/11/2014
 Budget Activity 403/11/2014
 Budget Activity 5A03/11/2014
 Budget Activity 5B03/11/2014
 Budget Activity 603/11/2014
 Budget Activity 703/11/2014

Military Construction
 Military Construction, Army (MCA), Army Family Housing (AFH) and Homeowners Assistance (HOA)03/07/2014
 Army Reserve (MCAR)03/10/2014
 Army National Guard (MCNG)03/07/2014
 Base Realignment and Closure Account03/18/2014

Chemical Agents and Munitions Destruction, Defense
 Chemical Agents and Munitions Destruction, Defense03/11/2014

Chemical Demilitarization Construction, Defense
 Chemical Demilitarization Construction, Defense03/11/2014

Army Working Capital Fund (AWCF)
 Army Working Capital Fund (AWCF)03/18/2014

U.S. Army National Cemeteries Program
 U.S. Army National Cemeteries Program (Arlington National Cemetery and Soldiers' and Airmen's Home National Cemetery)03/11/2014

FY 2015 Amended Budget Estimate
 Military Personnel (MPA, NGPA, and RPA)   (MPA, NGPA, and RPA)06/30/2014
 Research, Development, and Acquisition   (Procurement and RDTE)06/30/2014

Operation and Maintenance
 Army (OMA)06/30/2014
 Army National Guard (OMNG)06/30/2014
 Army Reserve (OMAR)06/30/2014

 Afghanistan Security Forces Fund (ASFF)07/01/2014


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