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DFAS-IN 37-1 Regulation
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DFAS-IN 37-1 Regulation 
 DFAS-IN 37-1 Regulation   most current complete Regulation09/09/2016
 Cover Sheet04/16/2014
 Chapter 1: Purpose and Overview08/10/2016
 Chapter 2: Accounting Organization, Documentation and Records07/29/2016
 Chapter 3: Program and Budget Authority09/18/2014
 Chapter 4: Administrative Control of Appropriations and Financing of Requirements01/28/2015
 Chapter 5: Fiscal Code05/27/2016
 Chapter 6: U.S. Government Standard General Ledger Accounting06/22/2016
 Chapter 7: Commitments10/03/2014
 Chapter 8: Obligation Management05/08/2014
 Chapter 9: Vendor Pay05/20/2016
 Chapter 10: Travel and Transportation Allowances06/28/2016
 Chapter 11: Accounting for Advances, Prepayments, and Progress Payments07/18/2016
 Chapter 12: Orders, Earnings and Billings09/01/2000
 Chapter 13: Pricing for Goods and Services07/29/2016
 Chapter 14: Sales and Revenues09/06/2016
 Chapter 15: Cost Accounting01/01/2000
 Chapter 16: Accounting for Disbursements, Collections and Adjustments02/19/2004
 Chapter 17: Accounts Receivable and Debt Management10/03/2014
 Chapter 18: Deposit Funds, Suspense, and General Fund Clearing Accounts08/25/2016
 Chapter 19: In-Transit Disbursements11/18/2014
 Chapter 20: Interfund Billing System04/25/2003
 Chapter 21: Inventory Accounting12/08/2008
 Chapter 22: Property Accounting03/26/2014
 Chapter 23: Foreign Military Sales06/28/2016
 Chapter 24: Special Programs/Projects12/23/2008
 Chapter 25: Gifts and Donations08/30/2016
 Chapter 26: Enemy Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees08/11/2014
 Chapter 27: Analysis, Review, and Reconciliation09/09/2016
 Chapter 28: Accounting Reports06/10/2008
 Chapter 29: Accounting Feedback files and Reports from DFAS-IN to Reporting Activities08/12/2014
 Chapter 30: Data Submission Network09/06/2016
 Chapter 31: Military Pay01/28/2015
 Chapter 32: Accounting Procedures for Army Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities09/24/2009
 Appendix A: References01/28/2015
 Appendix B: Congressional and Legislative Inquiries06/29/2016
 Appendix C: Management Control Evaluation Checklist Accounting Operations05/20/2016
 Appendix D: Administering Obligations, Class I Sites02/13/2015
 Appendix E: Desk Reference Guide for Prompt Payment Act (PPA) for Vendor Pay Offices01/14/2015
 Appendix F: Prompt Payment Act Letter of Instruction for Vendor Pay Offices02/13/2015
 Appendix K: Processing Military and Civilian TDY Travel Settlement Vouchers01/01/2000
 Appendix R: Management Control Evaluation Checklist Prisoner Funds09/19/2014
 Appendix S: Transaction Report Codes01/03/2014
 Appendix T: Expenditure Error Correction Procedures07/29/2014
 Appendix U: Status Report Error Codes03/30/2012
 Appendix W: Management Control Evaluation Checklist for Distribution and Execution of Appropriated Funds01/27/2015
 Appendix X: Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business01/01/2000


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