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Army Management Structure
(Federated Enterprise Resource Planning Business Systems) Guide (AMS(F)G)
formally known as: Army Funds Management Data Reference Guide
For information on DFAS-IN Manual 37-100, go to the
DFAS-IN Manual 37-100 page

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FY 2016
 Base Complete Guide11/09/2015
 Most Current Complete Guide11/09/2015

 Cover   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 Contents   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 1. Introduction   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 2. Enterprise Resource Planning Business Systems   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 3. Funds Management Process Group   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 4. Fund Master Data Overview   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 5. Functional Area Master Data Overview   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 6. Funded Program Master Data Overview   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 9. Cost Centers Overview and Data Reference   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 10. Funds Management Derivation Rules   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 11. Fund Limit Codes for Fund Master Data Element   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 12. GFEBS Data Interfaces and Data Dependencies   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-0720: Family Housing Construction, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-0725: Family Housing, Operation and Maintenance, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-1805: Cemeterial Expenses, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-1809: Cemeterial Expenses Construction, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2010: Military Personnel, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2020: Operation and Maintenance, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2031: Aircraft Procurement, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2032: Missile Procurement, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2033: Procurement of Weapons and Tracked Combat Vehicles, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2034: Procurement of Ammunition, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2035: Other Procurement, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2040: Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2050: Military Construction, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2060: National Guard Personnel, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2065: Operation and Maintenance, Army National Guard   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2070: Reserve Personnel, Army   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2080: Operation and Maintenance, Army Reserve   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2085: Military Construction, Army National Guard   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2086: Military Construction, Army Reserve   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2091: Afghanistan Security Forces Fund   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2093: Joint Improvised Explosives Device Defeat Fund   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2096: Afghanistan Infrastructure Fund   (Change 0)11/09/2015
 A0-2097: Iraq Train and Equip Fund   (Change 0)11/09/2015


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