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Defense Travel System-Army (DTS-Army)

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Defense Travel System-Army (DTS-Army)
 Defense Travel System-Army (DTS-Army) page
 Frequently Asked Questions page

Defense Travel System (Web Portal)
 Background page
 What Is DTS?

Documents and Resources

Policy Documents
 Army Directives - Policy for Travel by Department of the Army Officials
 Army DTS Internal Control Evaluation Checklist   dtd 20 Mar 1305/26/2015
 Army Lodging and the Lodging Success Program
 Army Mandatory Use of IBA for TDY   dtd 12 Jul 0510/12/2005
 DoD Premium Class Travel
 Dr. Chu Mandatory Use of the DTS Memo   dtd 28 Mar 0804/03/2008
 DTS Permission Levels Policy Memo   dtd 06 May 1105/09/2011
 DTS Policy Emphasis for COs-AOs-NDEAs06/13/2011
 USA Memo - Army Travel Charge Card Program, Individually Billed Account Use for Official Travel Related Expenses   dtd 1 Jun 1107/06/2011
 Mandatory Use of Government Travel Charge Card for Permanent Change of Station Expenses   ... dtd 24Jul1408/05/2014

Business Rules for DTS
 Business Rules for DTS   Requires access to AKO
 Fiscal Year Travel page

Centrally Billed Account (CBA)
 Account Load Worksheet - Army   dtd 27 Jun 1106/27/2011
 CBA FAQ11/19/2008
 DA DTS CBA Administration    dtd 15 Sep 1009/15/2010
 Operational Oversight   dtd 31 Oct 0611/19/2008

DFAS EC Initiatives
 DFAS APO Misc Payments Processing SOP    dtd 01 Jan 0903/11/2011
 Mr. Ford's 02 Aug 07 Memo03/28/2008
 Mr. Argodale's 26 Oct 07 Memo03/28/2008

Read Only Access (ROA)
 Army DTS ROA Policy01/12/2016
 Army Read Only Access Request Form01/12/2016
 ROA Organization Listing for CBA01/12/2016

Long Term Flat Rate Per Diem
 Guidance for Completing (Instructions) in DTS   ... same as below but in PDF format10/13/2014
 Guidance for Completing (Instructions) in DTS   ... same as above but in DOCX format10/13/2014

Deployment Travel
 Deployment Travel page
 Personnel Policy Guidance (PPG)
 Deployment Travel Expense Worksheet01/27/2009
 Processing Deployment Travel Documents01/27/2009

 DTMO Website
 DTS Quick Reference Guides
 GSA State Tax Exempt Forms Library

Site Setup and Self Registration
 Army DTS Organization Naming Convention    dtd 07 Feb 1102/07/2011
 Army DTS Organization Naming Convention Template   dtd 24 Nov 0811/24/2008
 Instructions for Self Registration in the DTS    dtd 03 Sep 0809/03/2008

 FY16 Army DTS Training Schedule02/09/2016
 DTS Demos, Web Based Training, and EWTS

Certifying Officer and Accountable Official Training
 All Army Certifying Officers and Departmental Accountable Officials must complete Certifying Officer and Accountable Official Training prior to appointment. The appointment and revocation of the appointment must be done in writing. Refer to Army Business Rules for DTS, paragraph 8 and Appendix A, for specific instructions on appointment of Army Certifying Officers and Departmental Accountable Officials.
         The Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) provides Certifying officer and accountable official Web-based training at DTMO Web site under Travel Explorer (TraX).

Frequently Asked Questions
 Frequently Asked Questions page

Points of Contact
 DTS Customer Support
 Army DTS Command POCs07/06/2011

Links to Other Sites
 Army Lodging and the Lodging Success Program
 Contract City-Pair Fare Program
 Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
 DFAS Customer Service Contacts
 DFAS Travel Pay Servicing Locations
 DTMO Website
 DTS Web page
 Leisure Travel   Offdutytravel.com, sponsored by US Army MWR
 Per Diem Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee

Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998
 Transportation Reform Act (TTRA)
 DoD Federal Management Regulation, Volume 9, Chapter 3

 Army Business Rules for DTS and Apps A,C,F10/22/2010

This portion of the Website is intended to provide operational and policy information. The initial points of contact for DTS users is a Defense Travel Administration (DTA) POC in your organization. The DTA POC in your organization has access to the DTA POC at your site and/or in your command. Additional assistance can be requested by contacting your local DTS Customer Support POC external link pic.


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