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General Information
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General Information
 Financial Operations Organizational Alignment
 EagleCash makes spending easier for deployed Soldiers   September 1995 edition06/30/2006

FINOPS Review Newsletters

FY 2010
 November 201011/30/2010
 February 201002/18/2010

 ASA(FM&C) Tasker to Identify and Obtain Approval of Centrally Managed Allotments Memo01/19/2012
 Cross-Component Funding   ... A primer for the Army's cross-component funding issues ... June 199611/21/2000
 DFAS's homepage
 Joint Recon Program page
 Memorandum to DFAS HQS - Department of the Army Canceling Accounts Goal11/01/2007
 Support Agreements DODI 4000.1904/25/2012
 Treasury Financial Manual
 Year-End Closing Procedures for Sites Capitalized Under Single Stock Fund   ... guidance for year-end closing procedures for supply requisitions and for year-end FED LOG catalog update07/16/2003

Civilian Pay Information
 Civilian Leave Administration
 Civilian Personnel Regulations
 Compensation Policy Memorandums
 OPM Compensation Administration Information on Federal Pay and Leave
 OPM Index Of Various Topics
 Pay Administration
 Questions and Answers about Pay Administration

DFAS Links
 DFAS-HQ   Mil/Gov Access Only
 DFAS-IN   Mil/Gov Access Only
 DFAS-DE   Mil/Gov Access Only
 DFAS-CE   Mil/Gov Access Only

Finance Tactical Publications
 TC 21-7 Personal Financial Readiness & Deployability Handbook   dtd 7 Nov 1997

FO Significant Activities
 Significant Items page   as of 12 May 1998

FO Working Groups
 Current Reconciliation Meeting: VTC Information and Archives will be found under the Joint Recon Program page

Interagency Agreements

 Interagency Anti-Deficiency Act (ADA) Preliminary and Formal Investigation Compressed Schedule Policy11/01/2007

Reference Tool
 Interagency Reference Tool Memo11/01/2007
 Interagency Reference Tool03/12/2012
 Updated Changes: 6 April 0904/07/2009

Links to Other Sources
 OSD AT&L Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy

NAF Financial
 Non-Appropriated Funds Personnel
 APF Personnel and Recruitment Link

Personnel and Pay
 Personnel and Pay Integration08/03/2002
 Army Personnel and Pay Integration Initiatives    ... Consolidated Army Action Plan briefing, May 199707/30/2009

Links to Personnel and Pay information sites
 FSD (Field System Division - AHRC)
 ODCSPER (Deputy Chief of Staff, Army G-1)
 US Army Human Resources Command (AHRC)

Travel Voucher Questions
 Deployment Travel Voucher Checklist11/08/2000
 Travel Pay Operations Guide    … Answers question on how to fill out a voucher01/18/2007
 Headquarter's DA Policy Letter    … Deals with processing advances and using the Army Travel Card10/07/2001
 Split-Disbursement Payment Option Available for DoD Travelers11/08/2000

Recent Travel Bulletins
 Travel Pay Operations    … Inquires and completed/scanned copy of your claim can be sent to DFAS-IN.Travel@dfas.mil01/18/2007
 Inquires and completed/scanned copy of your claim can be sent to DFAS-IN.Travel@dfas.mil

Traveler's Reimbursement FAQs
 Traveler's Reimbursement FAQs page

Year End Processing

FY 2007
 FY 2007 Year End Conference Call Schedule05/18/2007

FY 2006
 2006 Centralized Disbursing Global08/24/2006
 DTS FY 06-07 Crossover Plan09/14/2006

Links to financial information sites
 Army Electronic Forms
 DoD Forms
 Army Electronic Publications
 DoD Financial Management Regulations
 Joint Federal Travel Regulations
 United States Code
 Vendor Pay Assistance


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