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Army Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP)
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Army Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP)
 Army Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP) page
 Army Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP) on AKO
 Internal Control Points of Contact09/16/2013
 Inventory of Army Regulations12/05/2016

Regulatory Guidance
 AR 11-2, Managers' Internal Control Program
 OMB Circular No A-12308/16/2016
 OMB Circular No A-123 Appendix D08/16/2016
 Army IT Investment Certification/Annual Review Process Guide01/19/2011
 DA Form 11-2
 DoD 7000.14-R (FMR)
 DoD IT Defense Business Systems Investment Review Process Guidance01/19/2011
 DODD 5118.0312/03/2010
 DoDI 5010.40, Management Control Program Procedures07/24/2013
 Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness07/06/2015
 OMB Circular A-12712/03/2010

Program Execution

Leadership Emphasis
 Stewardship and Army Managers' Internal Control Program01/04/2010

Statement of Assurance
 Secretary of the Army's 2016 Statement of Assurance09/13/2016
 Secretary of the Army's 2015 Statement of Assurance09/03/2015
 Secretary of the Army's 2014 Statement of Assurance09/03/2014
 Secretary of the Army's 2013 Statement of Assurance08/29/2013
 Secretary of the Army's 2012 Statement of Assurance08/13/2012
 Secretary of the Army's 2011 Statement of Assurance08/29/2011
 Secretary of the Army's 2010 Statement of Assurance08/26/2010
 Secretary of the Army's 2009 Statement of Assurance08/18/2009
 Secretary of the Army's 2008 Statement of Assurance08/13/2008
 Secretary of the Army's 2007 Statement of Assurance09/05/2007
 Secretary of the Army's 2006 Statement of Assurance09/05/2007
 Secretary of the Army's 2005 Statement of Assurance11/28/2005
 Secretary of the Army's 2004 Statement of Assurance09/09/2006

Current Year Guidance
 Guidance for Preparing 2017 Annual Statement of Assurance (ASOA)11/15/2016
 Summary of Changes for 2017 ASOA11/12/2015
 TAB A - The Basis for Reasonable Assurance/How the Assessment was Conducted11/15/2016
 TAB B - Internal Controls over Operations Material Weaknesses11/15/2016
 TAB C - Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICOFR) (General Fund and Army Working Capital Fund) Material Weaknesses11/15/2016
 TAB D - Internal Controls over Financial Management Systems (ICOFS) Material Weaknesses11/15/2016
 TAB E - DoD Assessment of Internal Controls over Acquisition Functions distributed to ASA-ALT Only11/15/2016
 TAB F - Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICOFR) for Civil Works11/15/2016

Assessment of Internal Controls over Acquisition Functions
 Current Guidance11/03/2015

 Management Concepts Internal Control Training
 Training Requirements for the Managers' Internal Control Program10/29/2013
 Training Requirements for the MICP Enclosure updates   noted in RED10/29/2013
 Graduate School Courses
 Training Report and Documentation01/03/2011
 Managers' Internal Control Program Computer-Based Training
 Managers' Internal Control Program Process Briefing10/28/2010
 MICP Computer-Based Training-Access Instructions   ... as of 30 Aug 1608/30/2016
 MICP Computer-Based Training-Course Info   ... as of 30 Aug 1608/30/2016

Risk Assessment Tools
 Risk Assessment03/24/2009
 Risk Management03/24/2009

Links to Other Sites
 Department of Defense Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP)
 Army Publishing Directorate   this site contains links to Army Regulations


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