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Army Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP)
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Army Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP) 
 Army Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP) page
 Army Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP) on AKO
 Internal Control Points of Contact09/16/2013
 Inventory of Internal Control Evaluations07/28/2014
Regulatory Guidance 
 AR 11-2, Managers' Internal Control Program
 Army IT Investment Certification/Annual Review Process Guide01/19/2011
 DA Form 11-2
 DoD 7000.14-R (FMR)
 DoD IT Defense Business Systems Investment Review Process Guidance01/19/2011
 DODD 5118.0312/03/2010
 DoDI 5010.40, Management Control Program Procedures07/24/2013
 OMB A-123
 OMB Circular A-12712/03/2010
Senior Leader Steering Group, Senior Assessment Team (SLSG/SAT) 
 FY 2014 Announcement Memo08/08/2013
Quarterly Meeting Briefings 
FY 2014 
 1st Quarter10/21/2013
Program Execution 
Leadership Emphasis 
 Stewardship and Army Managers' Internal Control Program01/04/2010
 Secretary of the Army/Chief of Staff letter on Stewardship and the Army Managers' Internal Control Program06/02/2008
 Mr. Ford's letter on Army Management's Responsibility for Internal Control09/09/2006
Statement of Assurance 
 Secretary of the Army's FY 2014 Statement of Assurance09/03/2014
 Secretary of the Army's FY 2013 Statement of Assurance08/29/2013
 Secretary of the Army's FY 2012 Statement of Assurance08/13/2012
 Secretary of the Army's FY 2011 Statement of Assurance08/29/2011
 Secretary of the Army's FY 2010 Statement of Assurance08/26/2010
 Secretary of the Army's FY 2009 Statement of Assurance08/18/2009
 Secretary of the Army's FY 2008 Statement of Assurance08/13/2008
 Secretary of the Army's FY 2007 Statement of Assurance09/05/2007
 Secretary of the Army's FY 2006 Statement of Assurance09/05/2007
 Secretary of the Army's FY 2005 Statement of Assurance11/28/2005
 Secretary of the Army's FY 2004 Statement of Assurance09/09/2006
Current Year Guidance 
 Guidance for Preparing 2014 Annual Statement of Assurance (ASOA)10/08/2013
 Summary of Changes for 2014 ASOA10/08/2013
 TAB A - The Basis for Reasonable Assurance/How the Assessment was Conducted10/08/2013
 TAB B - Internal Controls over Non-Financial Operations (ICONO) Material Weaknesses10/08/2013
 TAB C - Internal Controls over Financial Systems (ICOFS)10/08/2013
 TAB D - Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICOFR) for General Fund;
      TAB E - Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICOFR) for Army Working Capital Fund;
      TAB F - Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICOFR) for Civil Works
 TAB G - Army Commanders' Audit Readiness Checklist (April 2014)08/13/2014
Army Commanders' Audit Readiness Checklist 
 Army Commanders' Audit Readiness Checklist   ... April 201408/13/2014
Assessment of Internal Controls over Acquisition Functions 
 Current Guidance10/18/2012
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting (ICOFR) 
Archives for Guidance and Deliverable 
 FY 200912/19/2009
 FY 200812/30/2008
 Management Concepts Internal Control Training
 Training Requirements for the Managers' Internal Control Program10/29/2013
 Training Requirements for the MICP Enclosure updates   noted in RED10/29/2013
 Graduate School Courses    ... FY201408/08/2013
 Training Report and Documentation01/03/2011
 Managers' Internal Control Program Computer-Based Training
 Managers' Internal Control Program Process Briefing10/28/2010
 MICP Computer-Based Training   ... as of August 201310/24/2013
Internal Control Process Templates 
IC Awareness Campaign 
Public Service Announcements 
2007 Announcements 
 PSA - March - Financial03/09/2007
 PSA - January - Logistics01/11/2007
 PSA - February - Medical Care03/08/2007
2006 Announcements 
 PSA - December - Information Technology-Net Centric01/11/2007
 PSA - October - Joint Operations10/03/2006
 PSA - September - Acquisition10/06/2006
 PSA - August - Financial and Budget10/06/2006
 PSA - Kickoff - Initial 08/31/2006
Kickoff Check It Posters/Functional Area Posters 
 Kickoff Check It Posters/Functional Area Posters page
Phase II Kickoff Campaign 
 Kickoff Memorandum11/15/2007
 Most Improved Process Form11/15/2007
Risk Assessment Tools 
 Risk Assessment03/24/2009
 Risk Management03/24/2009
Links to Other Sites 
 Department of Defense Managers' Internal Control Program (MICP)
 Army Publishing Directorate   this site contains links to Army Regulations
America Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 
 RATB Contract Checklist brochure08/12/2009

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