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Operational Support Team
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Operational Support Team 
 Operational Support Team page
 Operational Support Team Organizational Structure
Functional Areas 
Pay Support 
Defense MilPay Joint Military Pay System (DJMS) 
 DJMS (AC)01/10/2013
 MMPA (RC)04/03/2013
 Research Entitlements (AC)01/10/2013
 Research Entitlements (RC)01/10/2013
Case Management System (CMS) 
 CMS Search Case01/10/2013
 CMS Input Case01/10/2013
 CMS Update Case01/10/2013
Defense Military Office (DMO) Software 
 Casual Payments01/10/2013
 Invitational Travel Authorization11/05/2013
 Travel OST11/05/2013
Debt Management 
 Debt Management04/24/2014
 Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)11/05/2013
Deployment Entitlements 
 Deployment Entitlements04/03/2013
 Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP)04/03/2013
 Savings Deposit Program (SDP)01/10/2013
Eagle Cash Card (ECC) 
 Eagle Cash Card (ECC)01/11/2013
Banking and Disbursing 
 Analysis of Unmatched Transactions (AUT) - DDO Level 04/24/2014
 Analysis of Unmatched Transactions (AUT) - Detachment Level 04/24/2014
 Cashier Training04/24/2014
 Deputy Disbursing Officer Training11/05/2013
 Disbursing Agent Training04/24/2014
 Introduction to Disbursing 04/24/2014
 Paying Agent Training (for Disbursing Personnel) 05/20/2013
Fund the Force 
General Fund Enterprise Business Systems (GFEBS) 
 GFEBS FTF Analyst Functions04/24/2014
 GFEBS Goods Receipt Processing 04/24/2014
 GFEBS Invoice Processing 04/24/2014
 GFEBS Line of Accounting01/24/2013
 GFEBS Navigation and Familiarization04/24/2014
 GFEBS Pre-Deployment Training06/12/2013
 GFEBS Purchase Document Research 04/24/2014
 GFEBS Unit Access Request Form01/24/2013
 GFEBS Vendor Master Data Update 04/24/2014
Internal Control (IC) 
 Internal Control Overview11/05/2013

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