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US Army Financial Management Command (USAFMCOM)
Field Operating Agency
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US Army Financial Management Command (USAFMCOM) 
 US Army Financial Management Command Organizational Structure
 Army Banking Program page
 Contingency Travel Information page
 Operational Support Team page
How to contact us 
 USAFMCOM POCs03/04/2013
Service to Soldiers Initiatives 
 EagleCash Stored Value Card (SVC)03/04/2013
 International Treasury Services (ITS.gov)03/18/2013
 Over the Counter Channel Application (OTCnet)03/04/2013
Current Presentations 
 Post Deployment/Mobilization Respite Absence (PDMRA)10/20/2009
 References for Post Deployment/Mobilization Respite Absence (PDMRA)10/20/2009
Operational Support Team 
 Operational Support Team page
 Operational Support Team Organizational Structure
Functional Areas 
Pay Support 
Defense MilPay Joint Military Pay System (DJMS) 
 DJMS (AC)01/10/2013
 MMPA (RC)04/03/2013
 Research Entitlements (AC)01/10/2013
 Research Entitlements (RC)01/10/2013
Case Management System (CMS) 
 CMS Search Case01/10/2013
 CMS Input Case01/10/2013
 CMS Update Case01/10/2013
Defense Military Office (DMO) Software 
 Casual Payments01/10/2013
 Invitational Travel Authorization11/05/2013
 Travel OST11/05/2013
Debt Management 
 Debt Management04/24/2014
 Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)11/05/2013
Deployment Entitlements 
 Deployment Entitlements04/03/2013
 Assignment Incentive Pay (AIP)04/03/2013
 Savings Deposit Program (SDP)01/10/2013
Eagle Cash Card (ECC) 
 Eagle Cash Card (ECC)01/11/2013
Banking and Disbursing 
 Analysis of Unmatched Transactions (AUT) - DDO Level 04/24/2014
 Analysis of Unmatched Transactions (AUT) - Detachment Level 04/24/2014
 Cashier Training04/24/2014
 Deputy Disbursing Officer Training11/05/2013
 Disbursing Agent Training04/24/2014
 Introduction to Disbursing 04/24/2014
 Paying Agent Training (for Disbursing Personnel) 05/20/2013
Fund the Force 
General Fund Enterprise Business Systems (GFEBS) 
 GFEBS FTF Analyst Functions04/24/2014
 GFEBS Goods Receipt Processing 04/24/2014
 GFEBS Invoice Processing 04/24/2014
 GFEBS Line of Accounting01/24/2013
 GFEBS Navigation and Familiarization04/24/2014
 GFEBS Pre-Deployment Training06/12/2013
 GFEBS Purchase Document Research 04/24/2014
 GFEBS Unit Access Request Form01/24/2013
 GFEBS Vendor Master Data Update 04/24/2014
Internal Control (IC) 
 Internal Control Overview11/05/2013
Finance Mobilization and Demobilization Standing Operating Procedures 
 Mobilization Pay, Travel, and Entitlements    … Annex B and Annex C from the below document05/31/2005
 Finance Mobilization and Demobilization Standing Operating Procedures    … entire document05/31/2005
Army Banking Program 
 Army Banking Program page
 Update BLO/CULO Information or Report Issues
 Bank Liaison Officer and Credit Union Liaison Officer Desk Guide10/06/2011
 DoDFMR Volume 5, Chapter 34, Financial Institutions on DoD Installations
 DoDI 1000.11, Financial Institutions of DoD Installations
 DoDI 1342.27 Personal Financial Management for Service Members12/03/2010
 DoDI 1344.07 Personal Commercial Solicitation on DoD Installations12/03/2010
 FM 1-06, FM 14-100, Financial Management Operations
 Liasion Training12/06/2010
 Garrison Commander Course: Banking Packet12/03/2010
 Upcoming BLO/CULO Conference and Training Schedule
These are the primary conferences where training for Liaison Officers are held. We encourage Liaison Officers to register and program funds early to attend at least one of the events. This is an opportunity to get updates on regulatory guidance, current events, and meet with DoD key banking officers.
NameDateLocationWeb Site
Professional Development Institute, American Society of Military Comptrollers30 May - 1 June 2012 Anaheim, CAwww.asmconline.org/
Defense Credit Union Council19 - 22 August 2012 Denver, COwww.dcuc.org/index.html
Association of Military Banks of America:9 - 12 September 2012 Seattle, WA www.ambahq.org/
Training With Industry (TWI) Banking Program 
 TWI Information (HRC)   (AKO username and password required)
Army Banking Flash Report: Newsletter 
 August 1101/12/2012
 February 1101/12/2012
 June 1012/02/2010
 December 1012/06/2010
 October 0912/06/2010
 September 0909/23/2009
 August 0908/28/2009
Financial Readiness Tools and Programs 
 Army Financial Readiness
 Financial Readiness Computer Based Training
 Financial Literacy Game "Army Gold"
 Financial Road Shows
Memorandums and Papers 
 Information Paper on Army Banking Program09/02/2009
 Information Paper on Establishment of a Foreign Financial Institution (FI) on a DoD Installation06/24/2009
 Report of On-Base Financial Institutions   dtd 20 September 201111/01/2011
 TWI White Paper06/24/2009
.mil websites 
 Military Home Front
 Army One Source
 Military Community & Family Policy
.org websites 
 Association of Military Banks of America
 Defense Credit Union Council
 Military Saves
Links to Other Sites 
 Eagle Cash
 Finance Units Around the World

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