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Army Travel Charge Card (TC)
   Documents & LinksDate
Army Travel Charge Card 
 Contingency Travel Information page
Program Guidance 
 Travel Card briefing08/10/2009
 Army Travel Card Program01/09/2009
 Credit Limit Increase Authority08/11/2010
 Internal Control Evaluation Checklist -- Travel Charge Card Program02/14/2012
 Mandatory IBA Use10/12/2005
 Blocked MCC Codes01/28/2004
 Government Charge Card Guide
Other Travel Card Program Memorandums 
 Centrally Billed Accounts Policies and Procedures09/24/2010
 Unauthorized Use of the GTCC07/13/2009
 Policies, Procedures and Responsibilities for the Army Travel Charge Card Program05/02/2011
 Douglas Factors10/12/2005
 ASA (FM&C) Memo on Improper Payments and Unused Airline Tickets08/12/2004
 Government Charge Card Disciplinary Guide for Civilian Employees01/07/2004
 Implementation of Split Disbursement Provisions of the Legislative Changes to the DoD Travel Charge Card Program for Military Members (Travel Technical Msg 03-05)09/24/2003
 Disciplinary Guidelines for Misuse of Government Charge Cards by Military Personnel08/11/2003
 Definition of Frequent Traveler Subject to Mandatory Use of the Government Travel Charge Card08/11/2003
 Inclusion on Personnel Departure Checklists of the Requirement to Turn in Government Charge Cards08/11/2003
 Travel Card Program - Definition of Infrequent Traveler08/11/2003
 Implementation of Changes to Policy in the DoD Financial Management Regulation ("DoDFMR") Related to Mission Critical Travelers08/11/2003
 Charge Card Task Force Recommendation - Cancellation of Travel Charge Card Accounts08/11/2003
 Management Controls over Access to Charge Card Contractor Electronic Systems08/11/2003
 GAO Report (GAO-02-863), Travel Cards - Control Weaknesses Leave Army Vulnerable to Potential Fraud and Abuse08/11/2003
 Guidance for the Investigation of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Involving the Use of Purchase Cards and Travel Cards08/11/2003
 Army Charge Card Programs08/11/2003
 Exemption from Mandatory Use of the Government Travel Charge Card Program for Travel En Route to Deployments08/11/2003
 DoD Charge Card Programs11/21/2002
IBA Use for Relocation Expenses 
 Mandatory Use of Government Travel Charge Card for Permanent Change of Station Expenses   ... dtd 24Jul1408/05/2014
 Government Travel Charge Card for Permanent Change of Station Program Policy and Procedure08/06/2014
 Army Travel Charge Card Program, Individually Billed Account Use for Official Travel Related Expenses   ... dtd 1Jun1106/02/2011
Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 1998 
 Final DoD Implementation Policy11/08/2000
 FINAL-GSA Implementation Guidance for the Travel and Transportation Act of 199811/08/2000
 HQDA Final Implementation Instructions for the Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 199811/08/2000
 Public Laws 105-264: Travel and Transportation Reform Act of 199811/08/2000
 Agency Program Coordinator and Cardholder Training   Individuals must register as a user to gain access to Travel Explorer (TraX) and the training. Contact your unit or command APC for further assistance.
Army Travel Card Hierarchy Level 3 POCs 
 Army APC List10/08/2009
 Army CBA APC List06/09/2009
Links to Other Sites 
 Defense Finance and Accounting Service   Travel Pay/Travel Card
 DODFMR Volume 9 Chapter 3
If you have questions, please contact us via the Army Travel Charge Card Program email

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