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Assistant Secretary of the Army
(Financial Management & Comptroller)
Office of the Secretariat

pic of Mr. Robert M. Speer, Assistant Secretary of the Army, Financial Management and Comptroller (ASA (FM&C)), go to bio

ASA(FM&C)'s mission is to formulate, submit, and defend the Army budget to Congress and the American people; oversee the proper and effective use of appropriated resources to accomplish the Armys assigned missions; provide timely, accurate, and reliable financial information to enable leaders and managers to incorporate cost considerations into their decision-making; provide transparent reporting to Congress and the American people on the use of appropriated resources and the achievement of established Army-wide performance objectives; and manage and coordinate programs for the accession, training, and professional development of Army resource managers.  

The Army’s resources and assigned missions are in balance. Commanders and managers at all levels consider cost in decision-making, using timely, accurate, and reliable resource information to inform their choices. The Army provides transparent reporting to the Congress and the American people on the use of assigned resources and achievement of established performance objectives. Army Financial Managers are valuable advisors to commanders and managers and integral to the entire Army team (owing to high standards of moral, ethical and technical competence).

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